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Cumberland Candidate Selection Process

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Following a rigorous consultation of its membership, Horizon Ottawa has chosen to endorse Yvette Ashiri for the Cumberland by-election. The selection process was a 2-step process that included a candidation survey, an evaluation of the survey responses, candidate interviews, and a ranked balloting system. 

Step 1 

On 27 July, a survey was sent to all the registered candidates for the Cumberland by-election. Yvette Ashiri, Denis Labrèche, Lyse-Pascale Inamuco, Craig MacAulay, Patrick Uggucionni, and Catherine Kitts received an invitation to fill it. From these candidates, Ashiri, Labrèche, Inamuco, and MacAulay answered before the deadline of August 4th. These surveys were then sent to all members registered with Horizon Ottawa before June 28th. Members then had four days to rate each candidate on a scale of 0 to 10, including those that had not answered the survey.

Step 2 

Once the surveys were rated by membership, all candidates with at least half the points of the leading candidate were invited to meet the members. Lyse-Pascale Inamuco and Yvette Ashiri qualified for this phase and were interviewed on the evening of August 12th. During this meeting, members got to ask questions to each candidate for 45 minutes; first to Inamuco and then to Ashiri. After, all eligible members received a recording of the meetings and were invited to vote through a ranked balloting system that included Yvette Ashiri, Lyse-Pascale Inamuco, and an option for "None of the Above". An overwhelming number of members selected Yvette Ashiri as their first choice and Ashiri received the endorsement after the first ballot. During the process, Mark Scharfe and Henry Valois registered to become candidates. They were invited to participate in the process but did not respond. Consult the candidate surveys below:

Yvette Ashiri

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco

Denis Labrèche

Craig MacAulay

Catherine Kitts

Was invited but did not respond

Patrick Uggucionni

Was invited but did not respond

Mark Scharfe

Was invited during phase 1 deadline but did not respond

Henry Valois

Was invited after the phase 1 candidates' deadline but did not respond

Jensen Boire

Was not a registered candidate during the process

A Bruce Faulkner

Was not a registered candidate during the process