Council Must Call on Jan Harder To Resign Now!

It was revealed, last Friday, by the City of Ottawa's Integrity Commissioner that Councillor Jan Harder broke Ottawa's Code of Conduct after she employed the daughter of a well-known developer, Jack Stirling, in her office as well as accepted unpaid services from that same developer. 

In May 2020, we released a report and a database that found that most councillors who sit on the City’s Planning Committee accepted the majority of their donations from those connected to the development industry during the 2018 election. Councillor Harder was among one of the highest, accepting 95% of her total donations from those connected to the development industry. This included a $1200 donation from Deirdre Stirling, the wife of Jack Stirling and mother of Alison Stirling.

This is an egregious abuse of our local democracy and a confirmation of what most of us already knew - developer influence is running rampant at Ottawa City Hall and this once again confirms it.

City Council must call on Councillor Jan Harder to resign now!

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We call on Ottawa City Council to demand the resignation of Councillor Jan Harder and take the real issue of developer influence at City Hall seriously.

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