Horizon Ottawa


Horizon Ottawa is a municipal-focused grassroots organization dedicated to creating a city that genuinely works for everyone.


Horizon Ottawa envisions a future where the municipal government protects the environment, expands public ownership of infrastructure, and creates public spaces that are safe, inclusive and accepting of all of its residents. Horizon Ottawa envisions a municipal government committed to dismantling all forms of oppression, including inequity based on gender, race, religion, sexuality, ability and economic circumstance, while supporting true and meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.


Horizon Ottawa's mission is to cultivate local solidarity around socially and economically progressive priorities so that Ottawa can become a city where everyone can thrive.

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    Say No to Developer Influence at City Hall

    1,401 signatures

    Since 2018, donors connected to the development industry have contributed over $500,000 to municipal election campaigns in Ottawa.

    The development industry has entrenched interests in the urban boundary debate, zoning, construction of affordable housing, property maintenance standards and enforcement. The interests of the development industry may not always align with the interests of the general public.

    We, the undersigned, call on city councillors to abstain from voting on issues relating to real estate development if they received campaign contributions from people connected to the development industry.

    Dites non à l’influence des développeurs immobiliers sur le conseil municipal

    Depuis 2018, des donateurs connectés au développement immobilier ont contribué plus de $500,000 aux élections municipales à Ottawa.

    L’industrie immobilière a des intérêts établis dans le débat sur l’expansion de la frontière urbaine, le zonage, la construction de logement abordable, les normes d’entretien immobilier et leur respect, pour ne nommer que quelques enjeux. Les intérêts de cette industrie ne s’arriment pas toujours aux intérêts des citoyens et des communautés.

    Nous, les soussignés, demandons aux conseillers municipaux qui ont reçu des dons de représentants de l’industrie immobilière de s’abstenir de voter sur des enjeux liés à cette industrie.

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