Join our Board of Directors!

With the mandate of the current board coming to and end and a new one on the horizon, (pun intended!) we are currently on the look out for five to seven new members for our Board of Directors.

It is an exciting time for our organization as we are looking towards the next couple of years and how we can grow our movement across the city!

The Board Election will be held via electronic vote on our voting system Loomio and is open to all Horizon Ottawa members in good standing (you must become a member on or before April 24th)

Prior to the online vote there will be a virtual meeting via Zoom on Monday, April 24th at 7PM where those wishing to run can introduce themselves and their candidacy.

Members can nominate someone else or themselves up until the start of the Board Election Meeting on April 24th by either filling out the form to run or can do so at the meeting. We will be electing up to seven board members, at least 60% of whom must belong to an equity-seeking group.

No experience is necessary to be a member of the board.

Please submit your candidacy by filling out the form here by April 24th at 7PM



What does being a Board Member Entail?

Being a board member requires being available around 5-15 hours a month with being available for board meetings that are mostly bimonthly.

The tasks range from setting the strategic direction for the organization like coming up with a strategic plan and goals for the year in terms of fundraising, activities, stakeholder relations, etc. as well as administrative tasks like making decisions around spending money as well as staffing and other policies and ensuring that we are following the rules as a non-profit.

Board members also make decisions around pressing issues that need a quick turnaround that would take longer if it went to the full membership like statements on press releases and can also act as representatives of the organization like for example if we need to speak to the media.

For the time being the only set position we have for the board is the treasurer. The other board members are essentially members-at-large who decide which board tasks they want to take on, though this can be changed by the incoming board as they see fit.



What should I include in my bio?

  • Why you're interested in running for the board

  • Any experience you think might be relevant (e.g. experience on another board of directors, involvement with Horizon or any other community orgs, involvement with local organizing here, admin experience)

  • Some personal information about yourself if you think that might be relevant

  • Your connection to the city and how you think we can make it better


If you wish to have more information about what the role entails you can reach out to us by e-mail at [email protected]

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