Accountability Avoided Once Again At City Hall As Council Votes Down Judicial Inquiry Motion For A Second Time, Says Horizon Ottawa


OTTAWA - Horizon Ottawa is condemning the decision made earlier this afternoon by council to vote down the motion from Catherine McKenney to bring forward a judicial inquiry around the LRT. The motion was brought forward last month but failed to be debated due to a last-minute motion pushed by Councillor Glen Gower and backed by the Mayor to hold an Auditor General Investigation instead of the inquiry. The motion was seen by many as a way to subvert the democratic process. 

“The move today by council solidifies our belief that they are not interested in the full transparency that residents in our City deserve.” Said Sam Hersh, a Board Member of Horizon Ottawa who campaigned last month in favour of a judicial inquiry. “Ottawans have long memories and will not forget the undemocratic moves pulled last month to avoid this motion even getting to the table.”

The decision by council is made even more problematic as a result of an e-mail from former LRT consultant and aid to former Mayor Bob Chiarelli, Brian Guest that was published in the media earlier this week. The e-mail from Guest stated that he and others would be “screwed” if an inquiry were held. Guest is also notably the brother of Robyn Guest, Mayor Jim Watson’s Director of Policy. Robyn Guest is also married to Chris Swail, the former chief of O-Train operations for Stage 2 who left to work at Brian Guest’s consultancy firm. 

“As Councillor Catherine McKenney said during the Council meeting today, no one was afraid of being screwed by an Auditor General investigation.” Said Hersh. “This move today should make all residents question again what our Mayor and his clique at City Hall have to hide.”


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