PRESS RELEASE: Horizon Ottawa unveils full schedule for HorizonFest


7 September 2022

Horizon Ottawa Releases Full HorizonFest Schedule

OTTAWA - Horizon Ottawa, is thrilled to unveil the HorizonFest's full schedule! Residents are invited to enjoy a full inspiring day of music, speeches from political leaders and other activities with over a dozen artists, performing at Strathcona Park on Saturday, September 10th from 1PM until 10PM.

In addition to talented local artists such as Lynn MilesFinely Tuned Elephant and Emma Lamontagne, residents can expect a stellar lineup, driven by awesome local artists as well as community and political leaders talking about how we can change our city for the better!

"We are excited to put on an inspiring event for many across this city and show the strength of our movement this weekend," Said Horizon Ottawa member and main HorizonFest organizer, Jacob Pollack, "We want to show residents that politics doesn't have to be complicated and inaccessible but fun, inspiring and community-oriented."

Check out the full lineup here:

Along with many big names in the local music scene, HorizonFest will also feature many activities from local community groups and zone for kids as well as opportunities for residents to get involved in organizing work happening in their local communities.

"Our goal with HorizonFest is to provide an open, accessible and fun opportunity for folks who might not otherwise be involved to learn about the municipal election" said Pollack. "We want to bring positive energy to a city and political process that has for so long made residents believe that better isn't possible. HorizonFest aims to tell people that things can and will be different."


For Media Inquiries:

Jacob Pollack
[email protected]

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