Call on Allan Hubley to Resign!


The LRT Inquiry report revealed that former Transit Commission Chair and current Kanata-South Councillor, Allan Hubley was involved in deliberately withholding information about LRT testing failures with now-former City Manager Steve Kanellakos, former OC Transpo GM, John Manconi and former Mayor Jim Watson.

Hubley’s involvement was brought to light last Summer, following the publication of messages of a secret WhatsApp chat between him and the three others mentioned above. In the chat, they shared information about testing of the train but never shared it with the rest of City Council. In the chat and through other testimony, it was revealed that the testing criteria was lowered so the O-Train would be able to pass testing.

It is clear that Councillor Hubley did not act in the public interest and eroded public trust.

Given that, we think that the only appropriate move for Hubley is to resign his council seat out of respect to residents of Ottawa.

Will you sign?

We, the undersigned, call on former Transit Commission Chair and Councillor for Kanata-South to resign his council seat for his implication in withholding information from City Council and the public in relation to LRT testing criteria as revealed in the LRT Inquiry Commission through their report and months of tesitmony.

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