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For the past decade, we have had a City Council that has prioritized private corporate developers and the wealthy and well-connected over average residents in Ottawa. This has led to our city becoming even more unaffordable, a toxic environment at City Hall and a poorer quality of services for people across this city.

But this time, with many incumbents not running again, including the mayor, we have an historic opportunity to change the course we're on. We have spent the past two and a half years building up the narrative as to why we need a change on city council - now it's time to put our words into action.

That’s why Horizon Ottawa is working in key city council races, including the mayoral race, and school board races across the city.

We have chosen wards and zones, through a thorough process, that we think we can have the most impact in and where there is the best possibility for growing a progressive voter base. In these wards, we plan on organizing volunteers to knock doors, hand out flyers about particular issues and candidates and help build up the case for shifting towards progressive representation and away from the status quo. 

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To do all of this, we have registered with the city as a third party campaign. That means we have a $25,000 city-wide spending limit and only a short amount of time to raise the money needed to help win in these key races.

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How we chose our endorsements:

The planning around this municipal elections started long before the official start date when members came together to decide which wards we should prioritize, based off of particular criteria. This prioritization then helped inform our eventual ward endorsements.

An elected committee was then formed to make recommendations on candidate endorsements to the membership. It was this seven-person committee's job to evaluate candidates based off of a very thorough three-step process. First, candidates wishing to receive an endorsement from us filled out our online form, then those candidates the committee approved were given a survey to fill. The final step included an interview with the committee.

After the three-step process was finished, the Candidate Recommendation Committee would then put a motion forward to our membership to either endorse someone or not. 

This is not our final list of endorsements. Along with other council seats, we are also in the process of selecting our endorsements for school board trustees. These will be announced during the first week of September.


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