City Hall (110 Laurier Avenue West)
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Defend the Right to Dissent Press Conference

This event has already taken place.

Join people from across the city from the labour movement to human rights movements to defend our right to protest in the city and denounce the double standard by police and Ottawa Bylaw.

Bylaw have been aggressively suppressing free speech in Ottawa by abusing noise Bylaw 2017-255, and have handed out a whopping 48 fines related to protests amounting to costs of over $23,000+ on Ottawa community members targeting Palestine solidarity rallies, Trans Health Defense rallies, striking workers, and climate protests. The current Bylaw approach, if unchallenged, poses a massive threat to Charter protected freedom of expression, community safety, and organizing in Ottawa. Megaphone and speaker use are critical tools for communicating to large crowds and should never be restricted for protesters. The campaign’s demands: City council has the power to make it clear that protests, rallies and pickets are exempt from Bylaws designed for permitted events.

• We are demanding that they put this into writing by putting forward a motion to amend Bylaw 2017-255 to exempt protests and pickets from Bylaw 2017-255.

• We demand they put forward a recommendation to the Justice of the Peace that these unjust fines be waived immediately. We need your help - it will take all of us united for City Council to feel the heat. Attend our press conference 9am March 26th at City Hall!!

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