PETITION: Call on the City of Ottawa to Keep St. Brigid's Church a Community Space!

In early July, beloved community space and heritage building, St. Brigid’s Church was acquired by a suspicious organization known as “The United People of Canada.” The group, which has clear connections to February’s so-called “Freedom Convoy”, only registered as a non-profit in March and all of its directors are from London, Ontario, opening questions as to how this organization is connected to the community and how it so quickly came up with $6 million in funds to acquire the property.

The organization has also recently published problematic attempts to fundraise, including one which seems to engage in skepticism around the “true number of residential school graves.”

Lowertown residents as well as residents from across the city have brought up concerns about the organization and its potential purchase of the property, feeling as though this group does not have the community’s best interests in mind that is why, as concerned residents, we are calling on the city to use its power and ensure the property is returned under local ownership in the community’s benefit.

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We, the undersigned, call on the City of Ottawa to facilitate local ownership of St. Brigid’s Church located on 310 St. Patrick Street either through taking ownership themselves or through facilitating the ability of local organizations to take ownership through grants to protect its status as a community space and cultural center or other uses such as housing and if necessary call upon other levels of government to aid in financial support.

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