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On Tuesday night, OCDSB trustees met to discuss a motion to reinstate masking in schools. The meeting lasted a full four hours, yet the Board of Trustees were still unable to come to a decision.

Several attendees disrupted the proceedings with heckling and cheering throughout the public delegation section, and the presentation by Dr. Samson of CHEO. Board Chair Lyra Evans showed extraordinary patience in diffusing the disruptions, but several recesses were still needed for the meeting to continue.

The evidence presented to the Board clearly shows we need to bring back masking in schools. CHEO has reported capacity as high as 200%, and masks are known to be an effective tool. 


Show trustees you support a return to masking and lifesaving COVID protocols by sending them an e-mail and you can let us know you've sent an email to support safe schools and our trustees here.

Find a list of all trustee emails here (we recommend including them all in the email) and find a copy of an example e-mail you can send below:

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I want to express my support for Trustee Kaplan-Myrth’s motion to reinstate masking requirements in OCDSB schools. The presentation from Dr. Samson made it very clear that we need to take action to keep kids from being hospitalized with the triple threat of COVID, Influenza, and RSV.

The worst thing we can do for our students is allow them to get sick, which risks a return to online class. Many parents aren’t able to stay home with their kids, so we need to keep them in school.

I hope you take these concerns seriously, and I urge you to support this measure when the Board meets to make the final decision.

I know it is difficult at times to do the right thing especially now given the context but you have my full support as a resident in making a decision to support this important, lifesaving policy.


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