Demand City Council Act Against "Rolling Thunder" Convoy

The "Freedom Convoy" occupation of Ottawa was an unprecedented act of mass political violence and terror in this city’s modern history. Employing extreme noise, air pollution, intimidation and violence, occupiers used residents as hostages in order to advance their goal of ending public health mandates and overthrowing the elected governments of Canada.

During the occupation, the world watched in horror as city and police officials oversaw and facilitated the establishment of the supply lines, fuel depots, and base camps that allowed occupiers to carry on unchallenged for more than 20 days.

Since the end of the occupation, details have continued to emerge which show how the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and Mayor Jim Watson directly negotiated with and facilitated the arrival and entrenchment of the occupiers. 

When another convoy came to Ottawa on March 26th, OPS provided them with route planning support and a full police escort through the heart of Lowertown and Centretown. Before the convoy had even left city streets, OPS publicly demonized residents who chose to protest the convoy’s presence in the city.

Now, a so-called “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle convoy is being planned for April 29th and 30th. 

Organizers of this convoy have publicly threatened to be even louder than the honking of the initial occupation. 

Residents are adamant that the terror of the occupation cannot ever be repeated and that any efforts to do so must be stopped in their tracks.

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We, the undersigned, call on city council to publicly condemn the “Rolling Thunder” convoy and on OPS to withdraw logistical and planning support from Rolling Thunder organizers.

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