PETITION: No Cuts to Public Transit

In the last Ottawa municipal budget, Mayor Mark Sutcliffe cut $47 million from our transit budget and with it included another $39 million hole where the province and federal government were supposed to provide funding despite resident, experts and other community groups calling on the mayor to do otherwise, knowing funding would not come - they were right.

Now OC Transpo and the Mayor are engaged in a "service review" and we want to ensure that there are no cuts to our vital public transit system that has already been weakened by years of cuts and "optimization"

We need our Mayor and council to commit to finding other ways to make up for the transit shortfall.

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We the undersigned, call on Ottawa City Council and Mark Sutcliffe to commit to not cutting routes or service and instead to look into other means to make up for the transit shortfall like re-allocating money from other city departments or creating new revenue streams

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