PRESS RELEASE: Horizon Ottawa Condemns Transit Commission Vote to Support Significant Cuts


OTTAWA - Horizon Ottawa is condemning today's vote at the Transit Commission to support the $47 million in cuts to the transit budget which would see among other things 117 less buses on the road without replacements and further delays in capital projects.

The bulk of the "efficiencies" being pushed by Mark Sutcliffe are coming from Ottawa's transit system which is already facing significant financial pressure and has seen significant service disruption.

By comparison, the budget spent on road widening and expansion is set to increase by over 30% to $55 million in this year's budget.

"If a budget is about priorities then today, the commission made clear that public transit is not one of theirs." said Sam Hersh, a Board member of Horizon Ottawa. "By voting to cut this budget, this commission is essentially turning a blind eye to the experiences and frustrations of residents across this city."

Delegates who spoke up at the meeting raised various points mostly to do with poor services levels and how budget cuts would negatively impact their daily commutes.

Despite the vote being passed at Transit Commission however, the transit budget still needs to be approved at Council on March 1st.

"Despite this vote today, we will continue to join residents in fighting these cuts." Said Hersh. "We will work to ensure that we can have a functional transit system even if that isn't this council's priority." 


For Media Inquiries:

Sam Hersh
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