PRESS RELEASE: Horizon Ottawa calls on City officials to do more to protect all Ottawa residents in face of “Rolling Thunder” convoy


OTTAWA - Horizon Ottawa has grave concerns about the lack of information around what police and the City plan to do to protect all Ottawa residents who will be impacted by the so-called Rolling Thunder events planned for the weekend of April 30.

A statement released by the Ottawa police detailed plans to disallow motor vehicle traffic near Parliament, but failed to include any residential neighbourhoods in its "exclusionary zone." Neighbourhoods like Vanier and Overbrook that were largely ignored by the city during the convoy deserve the same protections: all motor vehicles engaging with the Rolling Thunder rally should be prohibited from passing through, idling in, and harassing residential streets. 

 “As expected the Ottawa Police have again proven that they are not interested in "protecting" the people of Ottawa" said Sam Hersh, a Board Member of Horizon. "They are unnecessarily putting residents at risk of harassment or worse."

Residents are adamant that the violence and harassment of the convoy occupation cannot ever be repeated and that any efforts to do so must be stopped in its tracks. As of April 25, nearly 1,200 individuals have signed a Horizon Ottawa petition demanding City Council act against the "Rolling Thunder" convoy. 

“Our communities and residential neighbourhoods are not just parking lots for far-right protesters, people live here,” said Hersh. “While we support the right to protest, we do not support the right to openly harass residents with excessive noise, violence and hateful rhetoric.”

In light of the repeated lack of leadership from City officials, Horizon Ottawa plans to continue to work with local organizations and community leaders to raise the voices of anyone who faces threatening or intimidating behaviour as a result of the planned events. As with the last occupation, we will continue to promote and support mutual aid to directly help residents all across this city. 


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