Statement on Sutcliffe Claims

The insinuation by the Sutcliffe campaign that we have "contributed to McKenney's campaign" in any way is not based on any fact or evidence and is simply conjecture being used to distract from real issues that matter to Ottawa residents like accountability and transparency at City Hall or campaign finance reform.

When it comes to our over 700 members, they are free to do as they wish and support any of the candidates we have endorsed. In fact, we encourage our members to do so and encourage residents across the city to join them too.

Voter turnout in Ottawa for municipal elections is historically very low. Our hope is that by informing potential voters about candidates who share their vision and values, we can inspire more people to head to the polls this October.

It is unfortunate that the Sutcliffe campaign has spent the past week putting time and energy into trying to discredit a volunteer-driven organization, time that could instead have been spent connecting with community members and communicating his vision for the city

Horizon Ottawa was created by a group of concerned citizens who believe a city that works for everyone is possible, and we're focusing our energy on working towards that goal.

Horizon Ottawa Board of Directors

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