Ward 16 - River

Ethan Sabourin

Ethan was born in Ottawa and grew up between River Ward and Alta Vista. He has always called this city home. 

He earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Waterloo. The first doors that he ever knocked politically were here in Ottawa, but it was in Waterloo that he began to take a serious interest in politics, volunteering on campaigns and taking action to fight climate change on campus. 

Ethan has a robust background in climate policy, with experience as a climate policy analyst in the federal public service and a Masters in Climate Change from UW. He knows what it takes to respond to the climate crisis, both in building resilience and cutting our carbon pollution.

Over countless evenings and weekends, Ethan has worked on campaigns in Ottawa. He has also been a Parliamentary Assistant on the Hill, and taken leadership roles in local progressive organizations fighting for a better city. 

Ethan wants to represent River Ward and bring Ottawa into the future. As our city grows, we desperately need a new and invigorated approach to politics. 

If he's elected, Ethan will strive to make Ottawa a true Green New Deal city. We will invest in transit and cycling to cut emissions while improving our quality of life. We will build beautiful and green social housing for all, because we all deserve to live in homes that are not lines on a shareholder’s balance sheet. And we will make sure that our streets and neighbourhoods are safe places to grow and thrive. 

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