Zone 9 - Capital/Alta Vista

Jessie-Lee Wallace

Jessie grew up in Heron Park and lives with her family in the Glebe Annex. She serves thousands of children and youth as a director in a city-wide charity (BGC Ottawa) that gives access and opportunity to historically under-served youth in 19 neighbourhoods.

She is passionate and committed and has time to devote to this critical public service position and has significant experience in grassroots campaigns, policy development, managing complex multi-million dollar budgets and multiple relationships for positive community outcomes. 

Her past workplaces include Cornerstone Housing for Women, where she helped to complete a multi-million dollar accessible housing project.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Daybreak Housing, an affordable housing charity in Ottawa, and HelpAge Canada, a national organization that advocates for the needs of marginalized elder Canadians and seniors living in poverty internationally.

As a parent and resident of zone 9, she believes we must do better for each other and our public education system. 

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Nili Kaplan-Myrth

Nili is a family physician, anthropologist, and mother of three. She has spent the last 20 years living in Ottawa and her entire life advocating for equitable access to health care and education, Indigenous self-determination, rights for people with disabilities, LBTQ2+ rights, mental health care, and standing up for marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Over the last two years, she has stepped into a more public role, writing articles, speaking to the media, acting as a delegate to school boards, organizing a panel for Canadian healthcare experts to speak with the Prime Minister about equitable access to vaccine, and running "Jabapalooza" clinics for my patients and for the broader Ottawa community. 

She is not afraid to speak, to challenge the status quo when it isn't good enough. Where there are problems in the community, she identifies them and finds collaborative solutions and plans to continue that if elected Trustee.

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